Passionately Protesting Mediocrity.

Welcome to Life in Color! My name is Elizabeth Mills and I am the founder of Life in Color, a place to not only learn about all things beauty, but to find inspiration and encouragement to live with more intention and purpose.
Around here, we don’t do mediocre. If it’s worth your time, it’s worth doing EXCELLENTLY.


The key to having a good day, according to a military officer giving a graduation speech, is to make your bed. A made bed set a positive tone for the whole day. While I agree with the principle, I can’t get on board with his idea.

Making a bed, for some, may be the way to start the day the right way. For me, taking 5 minutes to put some makeup on and fuss with my hair is a game changer! There’s something about feeling pretty that sparks a little life in your day. Makes you more productive. Makes you more of a “go getter’!

If you’re going to bother taking 5 minutes to put make-up on, by gosh let it be PRETTY! and HEALTHY! Maybe even (gasp!) BENEFIT your skin!
Here at Life in Color, that’s what we are here to teach you. We are research-aholics!  From ingredients to love and ones to watch out for, to makeup tricks and techniques, we have you covered!

Life and Business

At Life in Color, the women who contribute are all small business owners who wear multiple “life” hats- mom, wife, cook, maid…you name it! When your business and personal life mingle, life gets interesting. Not worse…but better!

Ultimately, you learn to live life (your time, money, and relationships) with more intention. Life becomes a great adventure! We are here to share our life lessons, business lessons, and discoveries along the way, hoping to inspire and encourage you!

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We launched September 15, 2016 and we’ve only gotten started! Bare with us as we continue to develop!